You’ve made my day – or week!

I get a huge amount of encouragement from seeing folk start to tap into the benefits of the internet, even going as far as to say they’re enjoying it! I’ve received a couple of emails, today and yesterday that have really made my day – or week even! Rhoda, a ‘1:1 customer’,  writes (today) “Have just tapped into “Tap into it” so I am progressing! Thank you very much for starting me off. I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy it.  I”m gradually contacting Email friends which is super. What a worthwhile service you give. Most old folks don’t realise what a benefit it is and I do wish you lots of success in your business. I’m managing now with family help, but I’ll  be back if I get too good for them and need more advanced information!!”

Roy (-who came along to one of our ‘beginners’ class at a community centre in Granton) emailed yesterday. “Hello Mike It has been some time since we  last spoke to each other at the Prentice Centre but since then a lot has been happening. I am progressing with my laptop one step forward two back, quite confident but still a lot to learn. I sometimes wish you were at the other end where I could ask you what I am doing wrong. However I realise how lucky I was in having the instruction for which I am very grateful – you put me on the road to freedom! ….. I hope you received the funding you were hoping to get to continue your teaching.”

There’s no sign yet of the funding that Roy talks about to  resume our ‘digital support’ service at the Prentice Centre, primarily to older people. However, thanks to a particularly hospitable group of housing association tenants, I have been able to invite Roy along to another of our computer clubs, so hopefully will be able to be there for him when he needs a confidence-boost in order to keep ‘tapping into’ all that the internet has to offer.