What a picture!

dog  A bit puzzled to begin with when Winnie* brought along some of her drawings to the computer class the other week.  It turns out that she is a keen amateur artist and is going to do a sketch of June’s* dog.  June has also been coming along to the classes. I took some photos of  the dog on the ipad, which J was thrilled with.  I asked Winnie to have a go at a bit of basic editing of the photos on the iPad – not really in our programme, but we’d strayed off it anyway, so in for a penny, in for a pound! She started with cropping the photos I had taken of her sketches and managed it pretty well. Then selected which of the photos of the dog she wants me  to print off for her to do her sketch with.

We got back on track then and on to Internet. Winnie doesn’t need any prompting. This week, she set us the task of  finding out about Skitten airfield, Wick. She wants to know about a friend who’d gone there and whether he’d been one of the casualties of a mission to Norway in 1942. We found a photo of the memorial stone beside Skitten airfield, but his name was not on it. We’ll carry on the search next week. Apparently she has boxes of old photos and newspaper cuttings which she was about to throw out. She is going to bring them along for me to have a look.  Reckon there’ll be some treasures for local historians of Wick that we could scan and share with them.

* not their real names