The Goodnight ABC

As A was sitting half Asleep, “it’s time for Bed” said B

C Crept into his little Cot, to Dreamland off went D

E closed his Eyes, F Fretful grew, “Goodnight” G softly said.

H Hurried up the wooden Hill, I put Itself to bed.

J Jumped for Joy when bedtime came, K Kissed goodnight all round,

L Lit the Lamp, M struck the Match, The land of Nod N found.

O Owned that he was Overtired, To Pillowland P Pressed,

Q Queried why it was so Quiet When R Retired to Rest.

S went in Search of Slumberland, T was too Tired to stay.

U went Upstairs, V Vanished too, and W led the Way.

When X eXclaimed, “How Y does Yawn! With Zest responded Zed,

“Dear me, it seems I’m last of all” and tumbled into bed.