The benefits of the internet and technology

For you include

  • staying in touch with family and friends (-email, “Skype” calls over the internet, social networks)
  • saving money (-browsing for the best deals, reducing costs by using online billing, saving on postage etc)
  • staying independent (-through online shopping, finding things out for yourself online)
  • keeping up to date with the latest news, weather reports, information
  • discovering new hobbies and interests as well as finding new ways of enjoying old one
  • more ways to keep active and involved, which generally means healthier and happier too!

to name a few!

For your family, club, church, organisation, community..

  • hearing from you
  • easier to involve you in what is going on
  • cheaper for them to keep in touch too
  • peace of mind!

Inspirational case studies – older people talking about what they get out of using the internet and digital technology.

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