Services to housing schemes and other groups

We have been working with a Housing Association (Viewpoint) for over 5 years. We run clubs in different premises along with some one to one support to get people started. Each club is run by a Facilitator with the help of PVG checked and trained Volunteers from the local community. The Club encourages users to continue online and access the following benefits:

  • Keep in touch with families via email, social media or Skype etc
  • Discover new hobbies/interests or enjoy existing ones in new ways.
  • Find out what’s going on, be more active and involved with benefits to health and quality of life.
  • retain independence and choice e.g. through online shopping
  • Socialise and get to know each other better.
  • In addition to the above which contribute to residents’ well-being and sense of community , we can help Housing Associations by encouraging residents’ use of more direct/less time-consuming online communication via website, email etc.

What we can offer and cost to your Housing Association or group.

Computer Club(s) for 2 hours for 39 weeks of the year in blocks of about 9 weeks. We also offer additional one to one sessions (approx one per Club week) for those requiring help to get started.

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Some comments from people who use the computer clubs.

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