For Service Users


If you’ve got as far as being able to look something up on the internet, read and reply to an email but still lack confidence in using your computer/tablet/other digital device, one of the Clubs may well be for you (-complete beginner? See below).  Our team of volunteers led by a trained Facilitator will help you with your tech questions/frustrations and build your confidence e.g. how to view/save a photo, forward an email, get the hang of using a tablet or mobile phone, make sense of Facebook, look up bus or train info etc. Please bring your own device if you can and we’ll try to give you at least 20 minutes help on a 1:1 basis. Drop in to one or a few sessions or come every week, it’s up to you. We finish up each session with the all important cup of tea/coffee and chat.

Information for Users about the Clubs (pdf document)

Viewpoint Housing Club dates 2018/19 (pdf document)


(-Links to google docs forms)

Tell us what do you want to be able to do online/with your device? (Goals questionnaire)

Choose what would you like to do a session or two on (‘taster’ groups) or longer (‘project groups)?