Researching your family history.

Computers and the internet have made it possible for us all to be our own family historians. You can search records of births, marriages, deaths online, as well as census information, military service records and a whole lot more besides. Follow the links below for help to get started.

The BBC website

The BBC provide excellent “getting started” guides to doing your own genealogical research.

Try your local library and council services too. 

Residents of Edinburgh and area have access to excellent resources which you can find out about on the “Researching your family history” page of the council website.

Read this helpful article on the Plusnet website about starting your family tree  and what online tools could be used to help people get on their way. The article also explores some of the pitfalls that people may encounter. It features quotes from an expert genealogist, Ian Marson.

Notes on researching your family history, with web links.

My summary notes on researching your family tree made from the above sources.