“Multi-task” on your computer

You don’t have to close your email programme in order to look up something on the internet or vice-versa. You can display, e.g. a web page and a document side-by-side for easy reference. All this and more with the help of the buttons at the minimise, “maximise”, ” and “close” buttons at the top right of the programme window. These look like a dash, a small rectangle/overlapping rectangles and a cross. You’ll be familiar with what the cross does – closes that particular programme window. The ‘rectangles’ button next to it either “maximises” the window (i.e. puts it full screen) or, if it is already maximised, reduces to less than full screen size and able to be “resized”. The button to the left of that – like a dash – is the ‘minimise’ button. Rather than close the window altogether, this “minimises” the programme window to a small icon, usually on the bar at the bottom of the screen (-the ‘taskbar’).  You just click this icon to go back to the programme, which will happen much more quickly than if you had closed the programme and had to reopen it. This is handy if you are using one programme then need to use another for a moment then return e.g. if you are checking email, then need to look up something on the internet before going back to email.