Volunteering to help folk tap into IT.

What do Volunteers Do?

Tap into it runs clubs ‘where people are’ – Sheltered Housing, Residential Care homes, Community Centres and group/organisation/church premises as well as individual’s own homes. Primarily we are working with ‘older’ people from around retirement age and beyond, given that they are one of the biggest ‘offline’ groups at present. Volunteers help people to explore what the web and digital technology can offer them, whether this is chance to keep in touch with family and friends, online shopping, news, information and entertainment and new activities. We are keen also to recruit ‘one to one’ helpers for people with additional needs such as Dementia, making use of the internet to enable the person to reconnect with the things they are interested in.

Where is this volunteering opportunity based?

Currently we run clubs in sheltered housing complexes in Edinburgh (Bruntsfield, Colinton and Southside areas). Travel and other expenses are claimed via an expenses form.

How much time is required?

We ask for a volunteer commitment of 2 hours per week for at least a 3-4 month period. Group, ‘club’ and individual sessions are run throughout the year apart from July. At the moment sessions are held during the day.

What training is available?

We offer an initial taster period (around four sessions) where you would shadow an experienced volunteer. In addition, induction and on-going training will cover teaching and learning resources, setting up equipment, health and safety etc. ‘On the job’ support and supervision from the Club Facilitator will help you with the challenges faced in delivering the service, working with older people and your own development needs.

What skills are required?

Basic knowledge of working with a computer/tablet is essential (email, Internet) and preferably skills, or the confidence to develop them in e.g. Skype, social networking, digital photography and other relevant areas. Equally important is an ability to communicate with people in a calm, patient manner and a desire to improve the well being of older people and others using the service.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer please complete the online application form (Google Docs file) or contact us for more information. We will arrange to meet for an informal chat.Tap into It has full Public Liability Insurance for volunteers.


You’ll be working with a significant number of older people with additional needs and in receipt of care/support services, so will need to apply to be a member of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme or get an ‘update’ if you’re already a member.  We will arrange for you to complete the necessary application form and there is no cost to you. We also ask for two references.

Apply now  (if you have problems accessing this online form, please contact us, detailing error messages & other info helpful for troubleshooting).

Group of users and volunteers at Gillespie Club Group of users and volunteers at Gillespie Computer Club

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