Get Online Week

Last week we took part in ‘Get Online Week’ (2-8th Oct) with taster sessions at each of our Club locations. We were helped in this by a wonderful team of Lloyds Banking Group ‘Digital Champions’ – staff who volunteer their time to help people get online. We were encouraged by four new folk at Gillespie and two at the Prentice Centre.  Despite the disappointment of no newcomers at Balfour or Colinton, our regular Club Users really appreciated the extra help. We know there still being a significant number of people offline (-something like 10% of the adult population & apparently Edinburgh is fairly typical in that respect) of whom more than half are in the 70+ age group. The challenge is that we’re down to the ‘hard core’ of folk who think it’s irrelevant to them/too difficult/too risky/too expensive. Generally we’re about taking the technology/internet to them (-hence ‘Tap into it where you are’) rather than expecting them to come to us in the first instance. However, it’s good to be part of a national campaign like this too and help plant a seed in someone’s mind that perhaps it is time for them to give it a go.

Pictured here are just some of the 15 Lloyds Digital Champions ably setting about their task of tapping into peoples’ many and various interests e.g. finding what’s on at the theatre, a Youtube clip of the 1962 Grand National, a suitable image for a Halloween party poster, Wester Hailes Library Facebook page, the choice of new coats at John Lewis and so on!