Don’t be left out!

Agnes Dowling, who comes along to the weekly Computer Club at Gillespie Crescent writes:

As we grow older there comes a time when you feel life does not hold too much for you  and a sense of loneliness creeps in.  Forget it, get into this new world of technology and the word lonely will not exist.
Begin by purchasing an iPad (-a ‘tablet’ or hand-held computer), get it set up and instructions will enable you to start by a selection of tiles known as Apps.   By tapping on them you can do all sorts of things.  The most popular ones are the news and games – for example if you tap on the games tap app tile, a selection of games will turn up such as Solitaire, very popular, then for some fun, ‘Angry Birds’ is a must.  There are also word games which can be shared with friends, and this can really pass the time away, and for a hoot, ‘Talking Teddy’.  This may sound complicated but it will develop into a new experience for you.
Get help, use Tap into it and you can really get going. It will amaze you how you improve your outlook and you too can add a bit of your knowledge, go on !!!! Have a try and enjoy.