Down but not out!

An email received from Connie,a member of the Gillespie Crescent sheltered housing computer club, used here with her permission.

“Mike do they sometimes alter valid email addresses? I wasted yesterday afternoon having previously valid addresses rejected ( I checked them) and now exactly same thing is happening.  I know ‘cc’ is carbon copy but what is ‘cc/bcc’ and why should it mean the difference between acceptance or rejection and why in the name of goodness be so picky that the server keeps coming back with names he accepted two days ago and declares them invalid? And this screen jumping about from my objective to Waitrose etc or just drawing down a completely grey screen? Did I tell you what happened on Thursday? I went from the hairdresser to Princes Street to M&S and asked assistant to direct me to the lift which would take me down to cafe in Rose St. She did so and said “Should you be out alone at this time?” Collapse of me and it was only 4.45 pm in any case. I told her I had just returned from holiday in Italy on my own as usual and she said nothing and just slunk away. Now Siri as usual is treating me like an ‘egit’, as Terry Wogan is great for saying. Seems to be no point in going on as Siri now lists my friends previously acceptable name as “invalid user name”. I know it is your day off but can you please take a squint at this or are you unable to help at the moment? Yours going steadily nutty Regards Connie.”

   I think this email is priceless! It captures the sense of exasperation with technology which is so ‘smart’ that it can give the impression of having a very ‘contrary’ (-as in ‘Mary, Mary, quite…’) mind of its own but also Connie’s sheer determination not to be beaten by it! Nor for that matter by anything or anyone else that would treat her as an ‘egit’! All done with characteristic wit. She is letting me share it to inspire others at screaming point with their computer and give a health warning to those tempted to patronise the over 80’s generation that they aren’t to be trifled with!

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