Using online computer help safely

When using “remote support”, bear in mind that

  1. The helper will be able to see whatever you can see on your computer screen, similar to a 1:1 session at your home. If there is content (-emails, documents, etc) that you would rather was not viewable, don’t open it during the session.
  2. The software allows the helper to control your computer if need be during the session. There are likely to be times when it is more helpful to demonstrate something than prompt you what to do. However I will ask your permission before doing so.
  3. There is a button on your screen for you to click to disconnect at any time. I will point this out during the session.

In the right hands, this facility can be a huge help. However, there is a scam going around that misuses it. Do not allow “cold callers” to talk you into running this type of software to remove a “virus”/fix errors on your computer.

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