Don’t give “cold callers” access to your computer

I support home users over the internet using the Teamviewer software. However the same facility has been misused by fraudsters, phoning and claiming to be “Microsoft certified technicians.” The scam is prevalent just now. Have a look at this Guardian article by Charles Arthur and be forewarned. Only allow people that you know and trust to access your computer in this way.

Listen to the scammers in action and know what to expect. There are 4 in all, the first 2 are recordings of typical phone calls. The 3rd shows what they do once on your system (-don’t allow them to get this far!) and what they are trying to con you into. The final video shows that the “errors” they show you on your computer are in fact nothing to worry about. Click the > or < at either side of the video box below to go on to next video or return to previous.

Go to the page on for advice on this and other computer security topics.

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