Arrange for a Beginners’ Class or Club for your group

With your help, I will set up weekly a “beginner’s” group and a computer club (-for those who are beyond the basics) in your location, providing friendly, accessible training to tap into the benefits of the internet and digital technology. I am also able to provide help & advice on getting/setting up the equipment and connection needed. What’s required

  • Access to a room/communal area for at least 2 hours each week for 6 months/1 yr
  • Access to wireless internet or mobile broadband
  • Access to 3-4 laptop or desktop computers is desirable but not essential. I can bring these for the sessions or learners can bring their own.
  • Permission to publicise the groups & additional services e.g. 1:1 lessons & remote support.

 See how it works at Gillespie Crescent sheltered housing

Please contact me to discuss further, with no obligation. I may be able to suggest funding options for your group.

sheltered housing tenants getting online for the first time

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