About Tap into it

Learn or get the help you need to use a computer, iPad or similar and get online so you can

  • stay in touch with family and friends (-email, “Skype” calls over the internet, social networks)
  • save money (-browsing for the best deals, reducing costs with online billing etc)
  • stay independent (-through online shopping, finding things out for yourself online)
  • keep up to date with the latest news, weather reports, information
  • discover new hobbies and interests as well as finding new ways of enjoying old one
  • stay active and involved, healthier and happier as a result!

We can help you

  • ‘one to one’ at home or as part of a group. Our services are aimed in particular at older people (-mostly in the 70+ age group).
  • if you have additional needs due to Dementia and other conditions.

We specialise in working with Housing Associations and similar organisations.

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